1-2-3 IOT: IOT Made Easy with B+B Wzzard Starter Kits!

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The promise of the Industrial IoT is all about technology that delivers real value to organizations by accessing data in traditionally closed systems and making it available for advanced analytics.   With Intelligence at the Edge of the Network, raw data can be filtered, aggregated, enhanced and transformed into meaningful information to:

  • Improve operation efficiency
  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce Energy Use and Cost
  • Reduce unplanned down time

But the promise of the IIoT still needs to be quantified for any organization.  We believe Proof of Concept testing is the best way to try it out – and see what it will be worth to you.

We’ve made it easier than ever with our NRG Wzzard Starter Kit – designed for one of the highest value IoT initiatives – reducing energy usage and costs.    If you’re interested, contact us and one of our Wzzard specialists will be happy help you get started.

Proof of Concept Start Kits Include: a gateway, a Wzzard node, cable harness with application specific sensors, and an embedded dashboard application. Everything you need to get started.