3.9 Million Businesses Hit by Internet Outages in 2015, Lose GBP12.3bn

by / Monday, 11 July 2016 / Published in Internet: Anytime Always, Latest posts

3.9 Million Businesses were hit by internet downtime last year, which can cause huge implication for any business no matter what size.

In the unfortunate event of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Fixed Line service being unavailable (hardware infrastructure issues, cable damage, environmental issues) do you have a business continuity plan when disaster strikes?




“Apparently 13% of businesses said they started losing money immediately in the event of an outage and the proportion of firms suffering a financial impact rises to 28% after 1 hour without connectivity and 46% after 4 hours. Strikingly only 13% of businesses managed an outage by switching to an alternative (backup) connection, while 25% mitigated downtime by moving to “non-Internet related tasks” and 38% suffered a complete halt in their day-to-day operations.” Mark Jackson



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Using our Adventech B+B Smartworx 3G/4G cellular routers you are able to have a fully automated back-up pathway for your business communications, should disaster strike and your fixed business line connection (ADSL/ISDN/Fibre) is lost for whatever reason – storm, flood, road-works, network outage.

After your fault is fixed, your router intelligently moves the Internet connection from the back-up cellular link to your fixed line and normal services are restored!

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