4G – What is all the hype?

by / Monday, 27 January 2014 / Published in Latest posts, Products Blog

As we are entering a more competitive 4G landscape (now Vodafone and 02 have 4G offerings to rival EE), we take a look at how businesses are currently utilising 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology to develop their product and service portfolio, in an increasingly challenging service driven marketplace. We look at the considerations and plans, businesses have to implement to ensure they are ready to move forward with this much hyped mobile communications platform.



A key barrier to early adoption of 4G included limited availability nationally, however the roll out figures Vodafone have recently suggested, indicates they will be adding a further thirty 4G sites a day! This indicates for data hungry applications like CCTV monitoring, remote offices/workers, or even business continuity, it won’t be long before 3G is almost obsolete and we will have entered a new age in mobile communications.

Mark Curtis Wood, Head of Networks at Nimans supports this, “One of the biggest technology developments in recent years is 4G. This is going to be a game changer because it’s going to bring mobility into areas that it never was before like video conferencing, applications and so on.”

Additional Services

At Adey we have seen that the Security, Events and Transportation sectors seem to be some of the leading early adopters. Applications within these verticals such as X-ray Screening and CCTV, through to Mobile Internet Services for vehicles, have been quick to realise the benefits for business to offer additional complimentary services. For example, live events, chauffeur and taxi companies can now offer premium Internet services using 4G Routers with Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning they can either generate additional revenue streams (through marketing or subscription) or simply provide an additional level of service to give them a competitive edge.


Business Benefits

After some difficult years, the economy is finally in a healthy period of growth, businesses are much more positive about the future and willing to invest. We now have the opportunity to drive a strong sustained recovery and the mass-market arrival of 4G in the UK gives us a unique opportunity to catalyse this recovery.

Guy Laurence, CEO, Vodafone UK said, “Speed is just the start; it’s what businesses can do with it that counts. Businesses of every shape and size need to be able to get online when they want and how they want. Even the smallest business user has multiple devices that they want to use to access crucial information.” Clearly businesses want to extend their networks both for machines and users. 4G and cellular routers will be a key tool in helping businesses, on all scales, achieve this in a speedy and secure fashion over 2014 and beyond.

Business Continuity and Service Protection

A common concern of many businesses is service loss or downtime. A high profile example can be seen by the recent calamitous episode in December, that saw the UK Traffic control system brought to a standstill because their main communications system at the Swanwick command centre failed and there was no automatic ‘back-up’ control system.

Understandably there was a significant amount of negative publicity for UK Air Travel Control but alongside this, it costs valuable staff time to; find & fix faults, answer customer/staff support calls and more importantly means you cannot deliver your services and generate income. In this example a large amount of domestic and internal flights were cancelled at many of the major UK airports.

Using 4G cellular routers you are able to implement Intelligent Failover Solutions which allow you to have a fully automated back-up pathway for your business communications, should disaster strike and your fixed business line connection (ADSL/ISDN/Fibre) is lost for whatever reason – storm, flood, road-works. After your fault is fixed, your router intelligently moves the Internet connection from the back-up cellular link to your fixed line and normal services are restored! Redundancy made simple and with the high speeds you can gain from 4G your business and importantly customers need never know you have lost services (RBS could also take note here!).

Stay Connected

At Adey Electronics our aim is Internet; Always, Anywhere and 4G/LTE certainly helps us realise that goal with customers in their data communications strategy – M2M, Remote Connectivity & Business Continuity. To discuss any of the information in this newsletter and understand how Adey Electronics can support you with any of these solutions please contact or ring +44 (0)1949 844 511