Introducing… High Performance KVM Solutions for Industry Adey Electronics and Black Box join forces to deliver IP based ‘Emerald’ KVM Solutions to the UK We are proud to announce that we have secured a new partnership with Black Box, an industry-leading provider of IT connectivity solutions, through which we will drive awareness and adoption of Black Box

  Introducing our HW Group air monitoring and environmental sensors These cost effective network sensors allow you to monitor and control values at home, the office and in public spaces. As the UK’s Covid restrictions are being lifted and more people head back to the work place and public spaces, it’s never been more important to monitor and

Here’s a real-time mobile signal analyser that logs your results too! The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte is a ground breaking real-time network signal analyser and cellular signal logger that provides detailed surveying and logging of all the 4G/3G/2G European networks. The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte can be left unattended to conduct sequential surveys in a fixed location and automatically save survey results, giving you

Remote Device Monitoring and Sensor Solutions   Requirements to store and transport Covid-19 vaccines are emerging all over the world and here in the UK. Adey Electronics and HW Group can help you deliver these types of solutions with Ares and PT-1000. Medical assets and vaccines are particularly sensitive to temperature variations, they need to constantly be

Season’s Greetings 2020

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Season’s greetings to you all! It’s certainly been a busy and challenging year and we thank you for engaging with us through these strange times. Over the year we have expanded our extensive range of cellular products and monitoring services to allow our customers to access a broader range of IoT and M2M hardware and services

    Tired of waiting? Finally a 5G router from a brand that you can trust! The Advantech ICR-4453 series is an Ultra-high-speed 5G router, offering 5G gigabit speed, low latency and guaranteed quality (SLA) of connectivity. This is a real step to massive IoT and mobile internet performance to rival fixed line fibre solutions. Camera and security systems, industrial systems,

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Introducing… SNYPER 4G Signal tester kits We are proud to announce that we are now a distributor of Siretta’s SNYPER Cellular Signal Testers, to complement our existing range of industrial IoT and M2M connectivity solutions. The SNYPER LTE devices enable you to complete signal and connectivity tests, before you commit to a SIM network contract and helps you decide on the optimum equipment and installation for

Free router management and monitoring service for Advantech 4G routers  For a limited time only we will be offering this free of charge* service to manage and monitor your 4G routers, using the Advantech Device Management and Monitoring Platform; WebAccess/DMP Gen 2. All Advantech LR77 or Smart series routers purchased in the next 6 months, will qualify for free subscription to our cloud management service. What is WebAccess/DMP

In this video we describe how SensDesk will help you monitor and manage your remote and local devices. Get real-time information and alerts from your remote and local assets to a central portal or direct to your inbox. Sensdesk is free to use with our HW Group devices & sensors. Contact us for a short

We are very proud to be supporting our partner Visbion with the response to COVID19 at the NHS Nightingale Hospital. Our ready-to-deploy 4G connectivity solutions mean critical device data can flow securely and reliably straight away.  Using our industrial Advantech 4G routers and customised Mobile Mark multipurpose antennas arrays the critical devices are able to establish