Dizzy Heights of Wireless Ethernet!

by / Wednesday, 26 February 2014 / Published in Latest posts, Products Blog, Real Time M2M and Data Communications

This week our engineering team have been completing a rather interesting Wireless Ethernet installation up on some luxurious exclusive apartment blocks overlooking the Thames in Greenwich, London (we thought the view was pretty nice for a February morning!)



The network itself was a simple Ethernet network, linking 6 apartment blocks together to allow the client to use a master SCADA to monitor smoke detection PLC systems across each independent building. As with many installations to existing and inhabited buildings, it is not possible (or feasible) to lay physical Cat 5 or Fibre between buildings and then find cable pathways through people’s apartments to the appropriate location. Therefore a hybrid of Wireless, Cellular and Wired technologies are employed to ensure costs are reduced, physical disruption minimised and installation times improved.



The end result was a functional 5GHz Wireless Ethernet network installed within a day, without having to dig up roads, without having to get a license for the wireless devices, without having to pay for skilled network engineers / electricians and without breaking the bank.

How was the solution achieved? Simply by using B&B’s Ghostbridge Wireless Ethernet Bridges.

The units come pre-configured (Point to Point or Multi Point), run off mains power or 24 Volts DC (which provides POE to the units). They have handy signal strength LEDs, which mean you install the devices where you want them, make sure you have line of sight, point the Ghostbridges at each other and they will build you a Wireless Ethernet link in seconds…as if you were plugged in directly. The units are high speed, weather proof, rugged and will communicate for up to a couple of miles – at £335 a pair they will be cost effective for most installations!


Nobody likes wasting time setting up communications devices, which is why we use these simple pre-configured devices and concentrate on the ensuring our customers applications can be up and running with minimal interruptions and cost.

Please contact us at if you wish to find out more about how Wireless Ethernet can benefit your business M2M or Remote Connectivity applications.

B&B Product demonstration of ‘Ghostbridge’ Wireless Ethernet Bridge.