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Remote Internet Solutions

The Internet of Things is upon us and will not only mean the data you can extract from remote devices increases, it will mean that your data will become even more important to how you deliver services and stay connected. We ensure both a speedy development and deployment of your solution, we solve your problems and your business quickly gains the benefits.

Rapid Deployment

Having the ability to build a solution in a factory, test all elements (including remote data communications) - then deploy remotely, without having the headache of worry whether the system will integrate into an existing fixed line (ADSL) means that you can increase ROI and reduce connectivity issues.

Temporary Internet Solutions

You may have specific requirements to deliver internet services for a short amount of time where fixed line communications are simply not possible – Mobile Offices, Events (Sports, Music and Entertainment), exploratory work. You can ensure these applications are simple, cost effective and hassle-free by using our cellular Internet solutions to provide you with data communications for as little or as long as you need.

SIM Data headaches? We have strong vendor relationships and good knowledge of the mobile data market ensuring we can not only help choose the right product but also get product issues fixed if they arise.


Internet on any Device

Using our 3G/4G, wired and wireless solutions, you can now install parking meters, payment terminals, digital signage, CCTV & traffic management systems data-enabled and ready to operate from the moment they are installed. Working with our hands on team you can trust that we have the right combination of skills and technologies (convertors, isolators, extenders and gateways) to ensure you can ‘data-enable’ the most difficult of devices, in the most challenging of environments.

Remote working

Using our Mobile Technologies, ensure your staff can connect to specific company resources with the correct credentials from remote locations – home office, site, business trips. Using our Internet solutions means you can extend working practices but effectively manage and monitor access to resources.

Adey VPN Services

Using our VPN (Virtual Private Networking) solutions, you can send devices to site ready to securely connect with to your office and know that they will already be on your network. Using the Open VPN platform you access your remote devices as if they were on your local office network but using secure encrypted tunnels over the Cellular network.

We appreciate your data security is one of the most important issues for your business, deal directly with a specific network engineer and we will ensure a hassle-free experience to manage your project, connect your assets and maintain data security.


Business Continuity

A common concern of many businesses is service loss or downtime. It costs valuable staff time to; find & fix faults, answer customer/staff support calls and more importantly means you cannot deliver your services and generate income. You may rely on fixed line for Internet connectivity, but what happens when this fails?

Intelligent Failover Solutions

Using 3G/4G cellular routers you are able to have a fully automated back-up pathway for your business communications, should disaster strike and your fixed business line connection (ADSL/ISDN/Fibre) is lost for whatever reason – storm, flood, road-works. After your fault is fixed, your router intelligently moves the Internet connection from the back-up cellular link to your fixed line and normal services are restored!


We provide you with working solutions not ideas and where appropriate we offer ‘proof of concepts’ & ‘try before you buy’, to give you confidence in your new system before you invest valuable time and money. Working in partnership with key M2M Data Network providers we will ensure you get the best data solution for any situation.

With more and more business services being delivered over the Internet, make sure your business never gets caught short and speak to our technical team to discuss how we can guarantee you are protected from experiencing costly communications failures and revenue loss through using our secure, Always and Anywhere, Internet solutions.

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