300Mbps 11bgn Indoor Mesh Node, SilverCloud Management. Built in antennas. 2.4Ghz Bridge and AP



The SilverNet MESH system uses an advanced algorithm to enhance the throughput and reduce time-outs from the centre to the edge of the network. The system can also simultaneously support wireless hotspot coverage. It provides wireless broadcast access and high bandwidth for applications such as – audio/data/video, services for the municipal administration, public security etc.

Each wireless node can self-configure and connect to the network, The system is a high performance wireless MESH network system that dynamically optimises traffic path routes and ensures network stability and throughput.. A network failure can be repaired automatically so that the overall performance and the usability is unaffected.

The CONNECT1 operates on 2.4GHz frequency and bridges and creates an AP cell simultaneously at radio speeds up to 300Mbps.

SilverCloud Managed

MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint Up to 100m

Dual 2dBi Antenna

Designed for Indoor applications

AES Encryption 128bit

MIMO with spatial multiplexing

SilverView Monitoring Software

WEB Management

up to 60Mbps Throughput


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