5.7″ colour TFT/STN HMI combined with PLC and Network interface

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This model features 256 colours (TFT 32,768, STN 4,096 for image data), two USB connections for downloading or printing and Ethernet. The product is combined either with a CJ1G-CPU 45H or with a low-cost CJ1M-CPU13 PLC and a DeviceNet or Profibus interface. It is fitted into a compact housing occupying less panel space then the separate products. The Sysmac One is completely transparent, so the PLC, network (including field devices) and HMI can be accessed via a single port. A great advantage when servicing your machine remotely.

* HMI + PLC with 2 separate CPUs for greater reliability

* Transparent architecture for easy remote maintenance

* Compact design taking up less panel space

* Flexible and cost effective solution with multiple screen sizes, CPUs & networks

* Smart Active Parts for easy connection to field devices


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