LoRa and Private LoRa are among the Low Power Wide Area Networks with the aim of making Internet of Things (IoT) applications more accessible. LoRa technology is supported by the LoRa Alliance  and can be used worldwide.


  • Long range, which low infrastructure costs
  • Low data usage, making it suitable for specific applications
  • Low battery consumption, so there is hardly any need for cabling
  • Own LoRa network that operates independently from the public LoRa network. Suitable for business critical environments.
  • You therefore determine your own capacity and scope by placing LoRa base stations. You do not have to request this from any public operator and therefore are completely independent.
  • Business continuity is guaranteed. Always accessible, regardless of whether the public network works or not, for example due to overloading the public network.
  • Scalable model. Simple expansion of users and / or base station is possible. Easy to duplicate the solution abroad.
  • ITalks Private LoRa is license-free and does not need to be registered with the any Telecoms Agency .
  • Standard LoRa sensors can be used so that your business-critical data functions over a secure network.
  • Proven technology – the entire LoRa chain is delivered in working order.
  • You can also contact us for the dash-boarding of your data. We do this with the ITalks IoT Suite in which many building blocks have already been realized so that you can get started quickly.


For more information, please contact our sales team

ITalks Private LoRa On premise single ITalks Private LoRa On premise multi ITalks Private LoRa Managed Cloud
Max number LoRa gateways 1 1 Master, 30 slaves Unlimited
LoRa data storage Local Local Cloud
High availability NO NO YES
Centralized supervision / monitoring NO NO YES
Interfaces  Web services + GUI; REST FULL API, SMS Web services + GUI; REST FULL API, SMS Web services + GUI; REST FULL API, HATEQAS; HTTP; HTTPS; websocket as client; Websocket secure as client
Package contains Kerlink iFemtocell 

with SPN or

Kerlink Wirnet

with SPN

Master unit

Kerlink iFemtocell

with SPN Master

Slave units

Kerlink iFemtocell 


Kerlink Wirnet 

(Or any other Lora gateway with Semtech packet forwarder)

Cloud service (recommended gateways to be ordered separately)

Kerlink iFemtocell 


Kerlink Wirnet

Pricing No fee / sensor No fee / sensor No fee / sensor
Monthly fee / gateway for 24 x 7 SLA monitoring


The connectivity costs of Private LoRa environments via the ITalks LoRaWan server are often compared to connectivity costs of a public operator. With a public operator you pay per month per sensor. However this is not the case with ITalks Private LoRa, which means when rolling out larger networks significant cost savings are possible.


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