Remote Access App – 5 Connection Licenses

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The Emerald Remote App is a software KVM application that allows users to access their Emerald connections, both physical and virtual, from any Windows 10 device. This increases mobility and device access and monitoring in full HD video on the Emerald System. And, multiple connections can be launched simultaneously to facilitate multiple device management.

The Remote App is software that acts as a receiver in the Emerald system. The software loads on your Windows 10 PC to connect to your Emerald TCP/IP network and decrypts and decompresses the streams to provide video and USB HID connections to a user.

Choose from multiple license options to accommodate the required number of connections to your Emerald KVM network. Licenses can be added via the GUI of the Boxilla KVM manager. Free 30-day trial license available allowing up to four connections (Boxilla required).

Download the Emerald Remote App from the “SUPPORT” tab.


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