Signstix – Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution


Bring online innovation in-store with SignStix
High impact, low cost digital signage

Simply configure, create and deploy to start interacting with your customers


With no software to download or install and no PC required, SignStix is effortless to set up. Simply plug the compact stick into a display screen and configure instantly. It really is that simple.

As a one-of-a-kind digital signage solution, SignStix allows you to save thousands compared to a PC based solution and there’s no maintenance required.



Signstix Overview


Creator from SignStix is a cloud based solution developed to allow marketing professionals to start engaging customers quickly without relying on IT. With familiar drag and drop functionality, anyone in an organisation can become a signage superstar, whilst the ability to lock certain assets ensures brand governance.

Simply log on and create engaging signage instantly from anywhere, on any device.




Signstix Creator Tool


Complete control of message delivery, from one screen to thousands.

SignStix Director gives you granular control and global impact, with great features such as motion graphic and video integration, scheduled content and day parting and location specific deployment.







Signstix Director Tool


Digital engagement in-store helps increase dwell time and satisfaction of the shopping experience. 80% of brands say they have experienced up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage.






Signstix diagnostics


As well as the capability to deploy high definition signage to any screen or video wall, SignStix is fully equipped to engage your customers wherever they are in-store and can be fully integrated with iBeacon and Queue Management technology.



Retailers are enjoying increased online sales in areas where they have a physical presence and SignStix has the potential to help you do just that. By enhancing your in-store environment, you have the chance to increase traffic, boost overall sales volume and grow repeat buyers.

SignStix is developed specifically to enhance and support new or developing multichannel marketing strategies, directly, building brand engagement and enhancing in-store sales.

For further information on Signstix please click here & contact or call 01949 844 511.


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