IoT & M2M Solutions


Remote Asset Monitoring

Using the latest IoT & M2M technologies, it is possible for you to ‘data enable’ both new and legacy devices, simply meaning you can utilise this information to improve how your business operates. Using the technology best suited to you – LoRa, Cellular, Wi Fi, Ethernet, Serial, Fibre, USB – together we can design a solution to allow you to utilise your resources in a way that you would prefer, rather than because you ‘have to’.

Save your business money, time and optimise performance:

Remote Management

Network enabling your assets remote using 4G/3G, Wi Fi or LoRa solutions, allows your staff to manage and repair devices from central locations, saving expensive and time consuming trips to site.

Real-time data

Be able to demonstrate to your customers/staff exactly how your solutions are performing: up/down-time, production efficiency, stock balances, service users, transactions, attendance figures, fault status, environmentals, asset tracking, location data, to mention just a few.

Whether it is reading data from a payment terminal/petrol pump/ATM/engine/PLC/SCADA then distributed via 4G/3G Routers, Wi Fi or LoRa networks, Adey Electronics can support all applications.


Proactive Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring services enable you to react to live business information from the shop-floor or remote locations and adjust operations accordingly. Utilising LoRa or Cellular solutions to transmit your data, it has never been so easy to gain key business information on the move – wherever and whenever you need it.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligently monitor performance of your remote devices over the mobile network, without having to send staff to sites. Using Mobile Technologies receive accurate information via SMS or Email alerts about your systems before major faults occur. Allowing you to avoid costly outages.

Reduce Running Costs

Deploying our mobile solutions will help you save fuel, staff time and allow you to gain vital information about device performance from a centralised location.

Whether you’re concerned with signal conversion between legacy serial equipment and new devices, extending your network into new locations, or dealing with remote monitoring and control problems at the edge of your network; LoRa Sensors and Gateways from Adey Electronics are at the heart of a growing number of data-driven applications.


Workflow Automation

Implementing IoT & M2M solutions in your business will help you to achieve significant efficiencies in your daily tasks; from the remote sensors, through to the production line M2M technologies can help you increase productivity by automating manual tasks. From automated predictive maintenance systems, to intelligent parking solutions, we can help you realise innovative ideas that bring measurable results.

Working smarter

Avoid wasting time and money via manual processes and adopt an automated and intelligent approach to how you manage assets. For example upload new content to fleets of digital signage remotely, use connected sensors to trigger stock ordering processes for remote vending applications, manage energy production on wind turbines over cellular networks, deploy software updates to remote assets at the touch of a button.

Monitor on the move

Utilise mobile apps, tablets and web browsers to complement your traditional SCADA and HMI monitoring and data logging platforms – Adey Electronics will help you work in a way that is suitable for you and your business.

The challenge many businesses find, is bringing older devices, protocols and workflows onto modern, more efficient control systems and networks. Using an extensive range of Gateways and Converters Adey Electronics will help you manage these headaches and build you a solution that utilises available resources and budgets to achieve to most effective result and remove hurdles in existing workflows.