Remote Security Management



The UK has 20% of the world’s total CCTV cameras and predicts UK CCTV market set to grow by 30% by 2016! Safety and Security, both covert and overt, is an area that now has extensive use of Mobile Communications, especially as 4G utilisation is increasing daily. The benefits of using mobile over fixed line communications are all about speed and cost, in both deployment and reaction.

Cellular and Wireless Solutions

Our 4G, 3G and Wi Fi technologies have help enabled security companies to realise previously difficult ideas in a simple and cost effective manner.

Integration Support

We can help you to provide a fully integrated security solution that could; stream HD images, create wireless MESHs, capture / control images remotely, track devices using GPS, provide automated intruder challenges and process/log events, all across the cellular networks, meaning that you can deploy solutions that allow you to improve your services and simultaneously reduce operating costs through centralised management systems.

Mobile Technologies and Application

You now have the ability to offer mobility, not just in terms of connectivity but also of the actual asset itself, which is something that can be costly and time consuming when fixed line services have previously been deployed.

Speak to our experienced staff about how our mobile solutions (4G, 3G and Wireless) could bring significant time and budgetary savings to your company.


Building Automation

Sensors and smart communication systems can change business models and allow for the remote monitoring and management of buildings such as factories, stadia, campuses. You can make simple tasks possible, such as remotely switching on the lights of a showroom or more challenging solutions like intelligently managing energy consumption across your business. At Adey Electronics you deal directly with the person involved in designing and developing your solution, ensuring the solution built, is tailored for your business

Save your business money, time and optimise performance:

Access Control

An early adopter of M2M technology to monitor and manage building access, the business benefits of Access Control are now clearly recognised. Not only does this provide you with traditional reporting and logging for security, it means that condition controls can be put in place on areas of high value goods, giving you peace of mind that your business, staff and assets are secure.

Energy Management

The deployment of M2M technology has been extended from access control to areas where temperature control is crucial - Food & Beverage factories and Data Centres to list a few examples. Adey Electronics’ solutions will help you achieve optimum performance and reduce operating costs through our integrated software and hardware solutions.

You can deploy M2M technologies from managed switches, right down to the sensor level, integrate into your existing technologies, and ensure safe operating levels/temperatures are maintained, securely monitored and controlled either centrally and/or remotely. The return on investment can be as simple as reducing an energy/insurance bill, or as critical as avoiding a catastrophic event.


Control Software Services

Looking for a hassle free way of automating your business operations – building/energy management, manufacturing/production line, power generation, traffic management? Adey Electronics unique ability to combine software & hardware engineering skills, with data communications expertise, means we can offer you can a full software control systems integrated into your existing technologies without the headaches.

Industrial Control

Adey Electronics provide SCADA &, PLC solutions to many industry sectors; Vehicle Manufacture, Waste Management, Food/Beverage, Energy etc. Our Systems Integrators will support you and your business in this challenging process of migration (initial control software and system design), through to integration and implementation, ensuring a smooth and effective transition is made, thus minimising costs and maximising production.

Data Handling/Consolidation

Do you need data extracting from your machines, engines, turbines? Do you need customised databases for handling, logging or reporting? Do you want a visual interface design to display all your business information? If yes, speak to our software team, who can design and deliver a solution that works for your business. Using technologies suited to your application and budget, we can build a system that ensures your ideas are realised in a cost effective way.

We provide you with the complete solution (automation as well as communications / IT), system deployment, as well as design and training. Working closely with our engineers you gain the insight and confidence to deliver effective and automated solutions that ensure you deliver secure, real time, reliable and innovative solutions to your customers.

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