Adey Electronics design solutions and supply products for IoT, M2M and remote connectivity (primary and back up) across the UK. We specialise in 4G/5G, Wireless, Ethernet and IP enabling legacy technologies. Adey Electronics are a Solutions Partner and UK distributors for Advantech, Poynting, Blackbox, HW Group, Mobile Mark, Teltonika, Robustel, Signstix, Siretta & Panorama.

Using the latest IoT & M2M technologies, it is possible for you to ‘data enable’ both new and legacy devices, meaning you can utilise this information to improve how your business operates.

We can help you understand and demonstrate to your customers/staff exactly how your solutions are performing, for example up/down-time, production efficiency, stock balances, service users, transactional data, attendance figures, fault status, environmentals, asset/people tracking are all possible using our solutions.

Why choose
Adey Electronics?

Whether it is transferring data from CCTV systems, digital signage, sensors, payment terminals, petrol pumps, ATMs, engines, PLCs, SCADAs or connecting remote offices with 4G/5G Routers, Wi Fi networks, Adey Electronics can support all applications.
Using the technology best suited to you – Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LoRa, Serial, Fibre, USB – together we can design a solution to allow you to utilise your resources in a way that you would prefer, rather than because you ‘have to’.

Sensors and smart communication systems can change business models and allow for the remote monitoring and management of buildings such as factories, stadia, campuses. You can make simple tasks possible, such as remotely switching on the lights of a showroom or more challenging solutions like intelligently managing energy consumption across your business. At Adey Electronics you deal directly with the person involved in designing and developing your solution, ensuring the solution built, is tailored for your business.

Our networking and systems integration expertise will guide you from design to installation, ensuring you have the right products, at the right price. Whatever your needs, Adey Electronics can provide you with the support, products and solutions you require.

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