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Welcome To ADEY Electronics

Adey Electronics design solutions and supply communications products for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine communications (M2M) across the UK. Our hardware and device technologies include; 4G/5G Cellular, LP-WAN, LoRa, NB-IoT, Wireless, Ethernet, Fibre and legacy Serial technologies. We also supply intelligent sensors and secure device monitoring solutions.

By harnessing our unique combination of engineering and data communications skills, you can transform your business’s approach to M2M and IoT.

Practical implementation follows innovative solutions design, ensuring you can realise the efficiency benefits of technology – even in the most demanding environments.

Based in the UK, Adey Electronics are Solutions Partners and Distributors for Advantech B+B Smartworx, Black Box, HW Group, Siretta, Mobile Mark, Poynting, Signstix and MCS ITalks.

Core Services

We appreciate every application is unique and has its own challenges, we therefore provide bespoke solutions to a wide range of customers.

Our solutions stem from 3 core services; IoT & M2M Solutions, Remote Security Management and finally Internet: Anywhere, Always.

Take a look at how these services may relate to you and see how they may benefit your business. Our technical sales team are keen to discuss any application, no matter how big or small.

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IoT & M2M Solutions

By providing you with IoT & M2M data management solutions we ensure you have a smarter more efficient business.

The challenges and opportunities brought by constant change in the modern world are seemingly here to stay. Our business practices have to continually evolve in order for us to remain current, competitive and commercially viable in an aggressive, technologically driven market.

Rising operating costs, global competition, increased customer requirements and expectations have all meant that we need to analyse working practices, adopt new techniques and technologies, to enable us to compete in the connected world.

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Remote Security Management

By automating your work flow we ensure you can improve operational efficiencies.

Reach, Reliability and Rugged. Networking applications in the security sector are all defined by some combination of the three "Rs" of connectivity.

You may want to; extend your network's reach via cellular / Wireless, install cameras in remote locations with Ethernet Extenders, integrate biometric scanners/access control via USB, utilise Power-over-Ethernet to achieve flexibility to your CCTV solutions.

Whatever your challenge, Adey Electronics will help you deploy your remote security management solutions with confidence but without the headaches.

Internet: Anytime, Always
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Internet: Anytime, Always

Our Always and Anywhere Internet solutions guarantee access to data networks wherever you are.

Arguably the single most important technology for businesses is the Internet. More recently mobile technology has made many businesses adopt new and exciting ways of generating revenue and creating innovative products and solutions.

Digital Signage, Turbines, Industrial Machines, Vehicles, Vending Machines, Payment Terminals, Telephone Systems, Sensors now all can and do use the internet. 3G & 4G cellular technologies are fast becoming the primary method of interconnecting offices, people, tablets and mobile apps.