Introducing SNYPER 4G Signal tester kits

We are proud to announce that we are now a distributor of Siretta’s SNYPER Cellular Signal Testers, to complement our existing range of industrial IoT and M2M connectivity solutions.

The SNYPER LTE devices enable you to complete signal and connectivity tests, before you commit to a SIM network contract and helps you decide on the optimum equipment and installation for your application.

Available to rent or purchase, the SNYPER is simple to use and will allow you to determine:

  • Optimum antenna and equipment placement
  • Best network performance for a site
  • Evaluate and improve the performance of your existing installed equipment
  • Best choice of network operator for a site (rank in order of signal strength and availability)


  • Improve reliability and performance of existing equipment in the field
  • Reduce downtime by selecting the most available network in the area, ensuring good signal coverage
  • Increase network download speed and network response times
  • Improve battery life and system up-time by reducing power output
  • Cost savings and improvements in efficiency, by reducing costly engineer callouts
  • The plug-and-play ‘SIM free’ design means, that the unit works out of the box with no SIM contract or data services being required to evaluate the network performance in the area
  • Improvements in overall system performance increase revenues and reduce system downtime, which provides better service to end customers and a more reliable service offering

If you are interested in the rental or purchase of a SNYPER, please contact us for a short online demo of the signal tester and see how they will improve your 4G installations.

Purchase here or contact us: / 01949 844 511