Remotely monitor and manage your critical assets

Adey Electronics are proud to announce that we are now a distributor of HW Group Remote Monitoring and Sensor solutions, to complement our existing range of industrial IoT and M2M connectivity solutions.

HW Group devices and sensor monitoring solutions enable you to connect over your existing Ethernet and WiFi networks to monitor and manage your critical assets and operations remotely. There is also a full range of 4G and NB-IoT products, providing you with a range of options to monitor your remote devices.

The solutions are simple to install and retro fit to get data from existing devices and installations and can be used in a range of applications and markets:

  • Room and environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, power, occupancy, fire, water leaks/flood etc)
  • Industrial applications (warehouses, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage etc)
  • Retail (water leak detection, storage monitoring; food, drink, medicines, materials etc)
  • Transportation infrastructure (monitoring, flood detection, damage etc)
  • Freight (cold storage, condition monitoring, vehicle tracking etc)
  • Security applications (IP surveillance systems, theft, intrusion, device tampering etc)
  • Data centres (rack access, equipment monitoring etc)

The HW Group devices give you an option to securely transmit your sensor data back to your own platform or to the provided SensDesk platform, where we present your data in a usable, visual format. Your FREE SensDesk dashboard then provides you with email alerts and important business information, allowing you to react to critical events, evaluate ongoing performance, protect your business and assets.

Please take a look at some of the Devices and Sensors and contact us for an online demo of the software and solutions and how they will improve and protect your business.