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Low cost USB to RS-232 Converter

Model UC232A USB smart adapter cable lets PC users add an additional serial port for RS-232 connections using USB. It provides an external plug-and-play port for convenient connection of cell phones, digital cameras, modems and ISDN terminals.

Just plug the serial device into the cable and the cable into the USB port. Automatic handshake is supported. No IRQs are required. This smart cable transmits up to 230 kbps with a 96 byte buffer for upstream and downstream data flow.

Requirements: USB-compliant operating system (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Mac O/S 8.6 or greater), available USB type A female port. The cable is 14 in (36 cm) long with a USB type. A male connector and a 9-pin DB9 male connector on the serial end.


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