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ULI-234TCL - RS-422/485 (Terminal Block) Isolator



ULI-234TCL - RS-422/485 (Terminal Block) Isolator


Model 485OP is an optically isolated RS-422/485 signal repeater. In addition to 2KV isolation on the data lines, it can be used to extend RS-422/485 circuits an additional 1.2 km (4,000 ft.), thereby doubling the range. An added benefit is the ability to add another 32 nodes to an RS-485 network and join 2 and 4 wire systems. The compact design fits almost anywhere. Terminal blocks allow easy installation. Wiring schematic on the label eliminates guesswork. A 12 VDC power supply is required, and included, with blades for USA, EU, UK, AU, UP & CN.

  • Device and data 2 kV optical isolation and 1.2 km (4000 ft) extension
  • Add up to 32 nodes to RS-485 network
  • Inline installation
  • External 12 Vdc power source required (included)
  • Modbus support


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