Serial Converter, RS-232 DB25 F to RS-485 TB



Serial Converter, RS-232 DB25 F to RS-485 TB


Model BB-485TBLED converts unbalanced, full-duplex RS-232 signals to balanced, full or half-duplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals. RS-485 is an enhanced version of the RS-422 Standard allowing multiple drivers and receivers on a two-wire or four-wire system. The RS-232 port, configured as a DCE port, has a female DB25 connector with pins 2 (TD input), 3 (RD output), and 7 (Signal Ground) supported. Pins 4 (RTS) and 5 (CTS) are tied together, and pins 6 (DSR), 8 (CD), and 20 (DTR) are also tied together. Pins 1 (Frame Ground) and 7 (Signal Ground) are connected straight through to the RS-485 terminal blocks. The RS-485 terminal blocks support Transmit Data (A-) and (B ), Receive Data (A-) and (B ), Frame Ground, Signal Ground, and 12 VDC input. Model BB-485TBLED required a 12 VDC external power source (power supply not included, sold separately).


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