ULI-238TS - CAN Optical Isolator / Repeater. Terminal Block Connnectors



ULI-238TS - CAN Optical Isolator / Repeater. Terminal Block Connnectors


Model BB-CANOP increases the node capacity of CAN (Control Area Network) systems while protecting CAN networks from component destroying surges and transients. The BB-CANOP provides 2,000 VDC of optical isolation to separate and protect critical segments of the system from the rest of the CAN Network. It is protocol independent, allowing it to work with different CAN protocols and frame lengths. According to the CAN specification, the CAN network must be terminated at both ends. Networks that are not properly terminated may experience data errors or miss data completely. The BB-CANOP creates two new ends to the CAN network. Space is provided on the board for a termination resistor on each side, R6 and R8 (120 Ohm resistor recommended). If the BB-CANOP is not at the end of the network, it should not be terminated. Model BB-CANOP is bit-wise enable, allowing it to automatically adjust for different baud rates. Bit-wise enable only enables the driver on every low bit received. It also disables the driver on the receive side for the low bit plus a maximum of 2µ seconds. This prevents data from echoing back from the BB-CANOP, but allows the nodes to respond back. A 10-30 VDC external power source is required (not included, sold separately).


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