ITalks IoT Starterkit - Smart Building (Indoor)



ITalks IoT Starterkit - Smart Building (Indoor)


The ITalks starterskit indoor Smart Building contains all the components to perform indoor measurements and monitoring in buildings / offices / schools.  You are able to monitor, for example, the temperature, the CO2 content, PIR and air humidity and to set rules for alarms. The starter kit is intended to quickly start a Proof of Concept. This starter package contains: After you have completed your proof of concept, you can easily continue to grow into scalable roll-outs.  This is possible thanks to the 24 x 7 managed  ITalks IoT Suite


With the starter kit we offer you a suitable growth path, from proof of concept to scalable roll-out's.  Starting with a proof of concept for a fixed amount is therefore pleasant.  The learning curve can then be used to optimize your proposition.  At a later stage you can easily add functionalities thanks to our open ITalks IoT Suite.


We offer a flat fee subscription for your growth path thanks to the ITalks IoT Suite.  That means that you know exactly where you stand.  You do NOT pay per device or sensor.  You can therefore grow indefinitely in numbers of devices and sensors, without incurring your costs.


  • Out of the box solution for Smart building applications


This Starter package is the perfect start to set up a proof of concept for smart building concepts,  for example:
  • Offices
  • Campus
  • Schools
  • Greenhouses
  • Factories
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