POYNTING innovates, designs, and manufactures integrated antennas solutions primarily for wireless high speed data applications such as 4G LTE residential as well as B2B, antenna solutions for GSM, M2M, DTV (digital TV) and other CPE applications within the telecommunication, broadcast, and consumer market.

POYNTING was founded on the deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of electromagnetics, RF propagation, antenna design and development. POYNTING employees include graduate as well as professionally registered engineers with doctorate level expert knowledge of the technology and the industry. Today, the team consists of almost 100 people with a single focus: Provide the market with antenna solutions which are highly reliable, and which will deliver the most stable and consistent wireless connection.

POYNTING has legacy of innovative design and delivery with customers and partners worldwide. The approach has resulted in extensive Intellectual Property (IP) with over 50 patents and registered trademarks.

Headquartered in South Africa, the group has now a global footprint with branch offices in Europe and in the US, it has manufacturing facilities in South Africa and also in China.

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