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The 232SPOP4 isolator can be used to optically isolate and protect your RS-232 port. This isolator can be used to protect TD, RD, RTS, and CTS. The isolator can be powered directly from the RS-232 ports with no power supply required. The isolator can be used at baud rates up to 38.4K baud.

One side of the isolator is designed to derive power from a DTE device. On this side of the isolator, power is derived from TD (pin 2), RTS (pin 4), DTE Ready (pin 20), CTS (pin 5), DCE Ready (pin 6), and CD (pin 8). The DTE side of the isolator has a DB25 female connector and the DCE side of the isolator has a DB25 male connector.

When using this device on an RS-562 (low power) port, a separate power supply (12V at 100 mA) can be connected to pins on the DB25 connector.


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