Simple air monitoring and environmental sensors

These cost effective network sensors allow you to monitor and control values at home, the office and in public spaces.

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Need something more from your signal analyser?

Here’s a real-time mobile signal analyser that logs your results too!

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Remotely monitor temperature and manage your medical assets

Requirements to store and transport Covid-19 vaccines are emerging all over the world and here in the UK. Adey Electronics and HW Group can help you deliver these types of solutions with Ares and …

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Advantech 5G router product release notification

Tired of waiting? Finally a 5G router from a brand that you can trust!

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Never worry about bad 4G coverage again

We are proud to announce that we are now a distributor of  Siretta’s SNYPER Cellular Signal Testers,  to complement our existing range of industrial IoT and M2M connectivity solutions.

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Sensdesk from HW Group: Remotely Manage your Critical Assets

Get real-time information and alerts from your remote and local assets to a central portal or direct to your inbox. Sensdesk is free to use with our HW Group Devices & Sensors.

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